Shrink Wrap Anything – Anywhere! 


Our service crew have applied shrink wrap for shipping and transportation within the Los Angeles area. We handle  work on some of the most sensitive and valuable items that travel the roads under the protection and concealment of industrial grade shipping shrink wrap. Our technicians are experienced, background checked and credentialed to work in any transportation related facility in California and ready to travel to outside locations too. The clean look that shrink wrap delivers instills confidence that your product is arriving with no problems from the road grime or other incidents. Shrink packaging large products or bulky items is an economical and attractive method for packaging. The shrink wrap process is less time consuming than conventional methods and can be used in conjunction with pallets, crates or on a flat-bed truck. Call us today with any questions you may have at 310-567-8894


Sailing Schedule Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Shipment Schedule 2020

MARCH 2020

Warehouse Cutoff Date 03/15//2020                ETD : 03/23/2020                        ETA : 05/04/2020

Warehouse Cut off Date 03/28/2020                ETD : 04/04//2020                      ETA 04/10/2020

APRIL 2020

Warehouse Cut off Date 04/11/2020                 ETD : 04/18/2020                         ETA : 05/25/2020

Warehouse Cut off Date 04/28/2020                ETD : 05/03/2020                        ETA : 06/10/2020

MAY 2020

Warehouse Cut off Date 05/16/2020                ETD : 05/ 23/2020                        ETA : 06/25/2020

Warehouse Cut off Date 05/30/2020                ETD : 06/06/2020                       ETA :  07/10/2020


Please note these dates are subject to change depending on the vessel schedule and space availability.

We bring Communities together at times of Natural Disaster delivering essential supplies

We have responded promptly to handle special request at short notice for natural disasters such as Tsunamis in Sri Lanka, Rohingaya’s fleeing to Bangladesh and again floods in Sri Lanka. We move the Aid that is needed when it is needed that which communities bring together. We also join our customers in their efforts in donating and material and equipment to various destinations around the world.